Photos of house with new exterior wall coating at front

An example of how an exterior wall coating is installed. (Stuff your local decorator wont do!)


So the outside of your house needs painting? Again?!

Ok fine, so do you call a local painter and decorator, or a specialist exterior wall coating company?

Let’s help you make that decision.

We will start with an example of our wall coating work, step by step, with this house we worked on in Northamptonshire.

This large executive property was not very old, maybe built in the 1990’s and had been kept in good order.

The issue the owners had was the fact that as it was so large in terms of actual wall surface area, having a local painter and decorator turn up pretty much every 2 years, saw costs (and hassle) mounting as the years passed.

How does having an exterior wall coating differ from normal masonry painting?

That’s a common question we get asked. The outcome is similar, a nicely painted house, however the steps taken to get there are vastly different.

If you contact a local painter and decorator to paint your house, that is the limit of their work. Painting, That is it. Nothing more.

They may scrape off loose and flaky paint but that’s about the limit of prep work for a decorator.

Whilst it may look good once they finish, it won’t stay looking like that for long, until the weather gets it’s teeth into it and after only year one, the paint will start to degrade.

Your local decorator doesn’t WANT the paint to last because they want you to call them back next year to do it again, and the year after that, and so on.

That’s a cost that can really mount up over time,

How an exterior wall coating is installed.

The biggest difference is in terms of preparation work, compared to your local painter and decorator.

We always identify and repair and defects to your walls before even a tin of paint is opened.

This particular house was quite a new one and as such, was in good condition, but most houses we work on, up and down the country, have problems.

These problems, unless sorted, can turn into expensive ones down the line.

Typical repairs carried out by our expert teams often include repairs to render, or an actual full re-render of the house, removing old and flaking paint, getting rid of green mould on walls, filling cracks, curing damp, replacing bald patches of pebbledash, repairing loose or missing brick pointing, and so on. Nothing is left to chance.

What happens once all the repairs are completed?

The next stage in the process is to mask up the doors and windows, mask up gutters and downpipes, and then lay dust sheets onto the floor, so no mess is made.

front of house with masking and primer coat onto the render

We then hand apply a primer over the wall surfaces and allow to dry.

We then set up our spray machine and spray the exterior wall coating onto the walls, which fuses onto the surface with a paint film 20 times the thickness of normla masonry paint.

As it is so thick, it also hides any blemishes, marks or scars on the wall, and gives a weatherproof, uniform finish across the building.

We then remove all masking and clear the site up, ready for the final inspection.

Photos of house with new exterior wall coating at front

What are the benefits of having an exterior wall coating?

  • No fading, chipping, delamination, cracking or peeling
  • Resists rain, snow, dirt, mould and pollution
  • Lowers your home heating bills, saving money.
  • A 20 year written guarantee
  • Conceals cracks, scruffy pebbledash and uneven walls.
  • Cures condensation and penetrating damp.
  • Never fades, with beautiful shades, textures and colours.
  • Stops erosion, cracks, flaky paint and damp issues

Why would you ever want to contact a local decorating company again?

To get a quote to have an exterior wall coating installed on your house, call us today on 0800 970 4928 or send the team an email here

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